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5 Reasons to Write a Blog

5 Reasons to Write a Blog

Here at the Hive, when we scope out and plan a new website for a client we often recommend adding a blog. While it isn’t appropriate for every company, having a blog does offer some great benefits to your website.

We know just how difficult it is to keep adding content and updating your blog, so here’s a handy little list that outlines just why it’s an oh-so-important tool on your website.

1. Helps Drive Traffic to Your Website

Post a blog and blast it on every social media channel you have! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter even EDM’s and you’ll be amazed how long those links can work for you, long after you’ve forgotten even writing the post. People come to your website through all number of channels, the more ways you give them to find you, the better.

2. Helps Establish You as An Authority

It’s important that business websites seem trustworthy and authoritative. One way of increasing this perception is to write with authority, regularly on your blog. Only write about cases or topics that are on message and relate to the core aspects of your business and you’ll soon be the go-to place for information. Keep the light and fluffy stuff for social media.

3. Drives Long Term Results

Adding a blog regularly to your website can help with your Google ranking, as Google sees that you’re refreshing content. Much easier than doing a major overhaul on your website, post a quick blog. 300 – 500 words is perfect.

4. Increase SEO

SEO is how the ‘bots’ assess your website and determine where your website should rank in the list of search results. There are a few golden rules to follow for awesome SEO (Just ask Lynne our SEO guru). By having more content on your website, it gives you more opportunities to target and increase your SEO. Writing highly targeted blogs, you can really pinpoint particular areas of SEO and maximise its impact. There might be parts of your business that don’t require a whole section dedicated to them on your website, a short blog article could be enough to highlight these areas and increase the SEO opportunities for that topic.

5. Build Healthy Customer Relationships

Write a blog about a customer and create a case study to highlight company successes. Share and link to their website to feed traffic and hopefully they will do the same! Showing off healthy customer relationships will lend positivity to your website and show what future customers can expect from you.

Don’t have time and want someone else to write your blog posts? Or need some help brainstorming topics and tying them into your overall marketing plan? Ask us! We’d love to help.