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Hive’s Top Marketing Tips

Hive’s Top Marketing Tips

Over the last 10 years the marketing landscape has changed significantly. The ability to directly communicate and engage with customers has always been the Holy Grail.

As marketers we can now not only ‘’talk” with customers one to one, but we can hold virtual conversations with them about products and services that interest them on a daily basis. However, smaller businesses are being bombarded by so many tools to target customers, and so many companies selling their wares they have become confused as to the best approach and find the situation overwhelming.

So let’s park the tools and get back to basics. Consider these simple marketing tips:

  1. Create a strong brand for your business [I really can’t stress this enough!]
    Align the brand to who you are as a business and ensure it stands out. Get a new logo, give the brand a personality and bring it to life!
  2. Consistency is key.
    Apply the brand consistently across all forms of communications: stationery, vehicles, signage, website, advertising – EVERYTHING!  I am surprised each day by clients who do not follow this one simple tip.
  3. Know your customers well. 
    It’s no longer just about demographics, it’s about building customer personas. Who are they, what do they do, what are their interests, where do they go, who are they influenced by, do they use social media or do they prefer more traditional forms?The better you know your customers the more easily it becomes to find them and converse with them. There is no point in spending lots of money on social media or Facebook if your customers still read newspapers and listen to the radio!
  4. High Quality Website
    A recent Forrester Research report found that 81% of consumers on the internet find products and services by using search engines. 13 million Australians are now online making 6 million searches per day on Google Australia alone. WOW!Don’t be left behind. Transform your website into a lead generator.
  5. Consider Search Engine Marketing [SEM]
    Attract leads quickly and crush your competition. Never miss leads again. Google Adwords drives traffic to your site to assist conversions.
  6. Hire a Professional
    They will objectively review all aspects of your business and can integrate all styles of communication to optimise the best results.

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Lynne Hopson has 20+ industry experience, holds a Masters degree in Marketing, is a Certified Practicing Marketer, a Google Certified Individual and a Google Partner.  She manages Hive Marketing & Design and is passionate about anything marketing related, assisting businesses thrive and her home town, Newcastle.


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