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Top 5 Image Editing Apps for iPhone and Android

Top 5 Image Editing Apps for iPhone and Android

Image editing is commonplace in today’s world of digital media. There is no age limit or experience level necessary to begin delving into editing your own images and bringing out your inner photographer. Check out our top 5 apps to help you take your photography to the next level.

# 1 – Snapseed

Across the board Snapseed is often reviewed as the most user-friendly photo-editing software for your iphone or android out there. Everything is available at your fingertips with a few taps of your finger. As well as being so simple to use it is actually quite a powerful app with professional-like curves tool, more filters than you can shake a stick at, fine tuning and the ability to add text. The text option is extremely well thought-out with a wide variety of fonts and styles available, and it doesn’t hurt that you can choose the placement of the text yourself.

This app is free to download for iPhone and Android.

#2 – Adobe Photoshop Fix

Adobe has decided against releasing its fully-fledged Photoshop for mobile (for now) but has given budding photographers the tools to edit their photos with Photoshop fix. Tools like saturation, contrast, liquify, healing tool (for removing blemishes)  and smoothing are available to create the best photo quality available on a phone. The benefit of this app being part of Adobe is that you can actually import your photographs to Creative Cloud to be edited on Photoshop on desktop, with all of your edits provided as individual layers.

This app is free to download for iPhone and Android.

#3 – Polarr

Polarr is a free app with unlockable pay-to-use “Pro” upgrade. The free app itself has a wide variety of tools to use that compete adequately with those of Snapseed. Overlay, gradients, contrast, colours and more are available at the touch of a finger. The only feature not available in some capacity in the ability to add text. the image editing functionality is second to none and worth experimenting with.

This app has a free version for iPhone and Android.

#4 – Afterlight

Available on both iPhone and Android, this app has a comprehensive set of tools for users to edit their photos. Basic tools like colour, sharpness and saturation are complemented with filters, overlays, colour correction and more. It aLso provides an interesting letter overlay which masks your photograph inside a letter. Definitely an app worth checking out, Afterlight can compete with the best of them.

This app is free on iPhone and Android.

#5 – Prisma

Prisma is very different from the other 4 apps we have suggested in this post as it is solely about filters. Your photo can be magically converted into a piece of artwork by adding filters ranging from doughnuts to anime to Picasso. There are a number of free filters and more options available if you buy the paid version. These filters are things that you could recreate yourself in Photoshop if you have the skill, but for the everyday user this is a great tool to experiment with different styles of artwork. Get creative!

This app is available on iPhone and Android.